The decision to let a beloved pet go can be a very difficult one.  Pets are part of the family, and many memories involve time spent with them.  Even the most stubborn puppy or kitten can work its way into our hearts and grow to be an inseparable companion.  There comes a time, however, when our pets are no longer able to lead a happy or pain free life.  When that time arrives, we can help our pets by making the tough decision to choose euthanasia.  Although this can be a difficult and emotional time, pet owners find peace in knowing that their animal friend is no longer suffering.
     As a mobile veterinary service, we have a unique and privileged role during this time in a pet's life.  We are able to allow the passing of a pet in the familiar surroundings of home and family.  To that end, we will make every attempt to ensure that your pet is pain free and that the euthanasia process is gentle.  We often administer a sedative so that the pet is already asleep before being euthanized.  Some owners want to be present during the procedure and some do not.  Some owners choose to have their pet euthanized in our clinic.  Whichever option you choose, we will try to make this time for you and your pet as stress free as possible.
     Owners have the option of burial or cremation for the aftercare of their pet.  Should you choose cremation, Access Mobile Veterinary Service can assist by transferring your pet to the cremation center and handling all of the paperwork.  You can choose to have your pet cremated privately and returned to you in an urn, or you can opt for a communal cremation without return of the ashes. 
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